Yes, I am tall! You are very observant. No, I don't play basketball. I play professional pretend instead as an actor and a writer.

Born in San Francisco to German parents with a British nanny, I now call New York home. Because I grew up with an ear for languages and accents, mastering different accents became my thing. British and German are my specialities. 

I am the co-director of the theatre collective, Herd, for which I tour nationally with I Killed the Cow, a one-woman show that uses humor and metaphor to discuss sexual assault. I'm passionate about empowering women, and I would love to live in a world where sexual assault does not happen. Lofty goal? Maybe. But that's why I also volunteer in the Emergency Department at Mount Sinai to advocate for survivors of sexual assault. 

The fact that bad things happen to good people is a status quo I'd like to challenge. And exactly why I am an actor and a writer. I thrive when I tell stories about rebels who go against the grain. Rooney Mara in THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. Krysten Ritter in JESSICA JONES. Vanessa Kirby in THE CROWN.


Hey, I'm a straight shooter all the way home. I'm a truth sayer. I think people who say it like it is provide for the most interesting stories. I'm here to tell those stories.

BFA Acting, University of Michigan. Proud member of the Dramatists Guild and Actor’s Equity Association.