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I am a German-American who speaks German, English, and bisexual. Born in San Francisco to German parents with a British nanny, I now call New York home. Because I grew up with an ear for languages and accents, mastering different accents became my thing. British and German are my specialities. 


I am a truth sayer. I am attracted to unwavering people who hold their opinions with resolution. Personally, I like to deploy my opinions with tact, but it’s more fun to write about and act as characters bereft of that diplomacy.


I am a path finder. I know how to sift through lofty goals and find the first step. My instinct is wired to break down the 10-year vision and see what needs to happen today to get there.


I turn 180º with ease. When things go awry (as they always do) I have mastered pivoting to a new way of doing, thinking, or being while leaving the old way in the dust.


I am passionate about empowering women. I would love to live in a world where sexual assault does not happen. Lofty goal? Maybe. But that's why I also volunteer in the Emergency Department at Mount Sinai to advocate for survivors of sexual assault. (Remember? First step.)

I am taller than you think I am. 

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