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Country for Capitalists

Country for Capitalists opens on two lesbian actresses putting on their performance art piece about Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. A world of meta-theatrics ensues when their Bernie Sanders impersonator doesn’t show up, and they find out who voted for whom in the 2016 election.

3 F / 1 M


Death isn’t scary. Or, at least that’s what Daisy thinks. We follow Daisy, a teenage dreamer who longs for Americana, after her father got shot. Smothered by the people who feel the need to protect her, Daisy builds an affinity for superheroes, and grapples to decipher who the bad guys truly are. Wolves become idols, and adults prove to have less influence than cartoons in this coming of age story.  3 F / 3 M

Developed in part at the Kennedy Center in May/June of 2017.

I Killed the Cow

I Killed the Cow is a one-woman show that uses humor and metaphor to talk about sexual assault. It inspires discourse and reflection, furthering understanding in the realm of sexual assault by combating misinformation and stigma. Through the use of humor and physical storytelling, I Killed the Cow opens up digestible conversations about sexual expression and violence. 1 F