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Happy Hollow

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Our story begins in a life-like dream. Right before the audience pieces together the nature of this reality, a bomb is dropped. Characters shift from their human form. An announcement plays. “Good morning, Happy Hollow. Today is a good day. Be whoever you want to be.” Happy Hollow is an afterlife where inhabitants can live out their wildest Earth fantasies. As they spend their days living as deities and queens of the animal kingdom, dreams of their life on Earth become more appealing. Especially when they realize that not everyone may have entered the afterlife in the way they thought.  3 F / 2 M

Country for Capitalists

Country for Capitalists opens on two lesbian actresses putting on their performance art piece about Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. A world of meta-theatrics ensues when their Bernie Sanders impersonator doesn’t show up, and they find out who voted for whom in the 2016 election.

3 F / 1 M

Developed in part at the Kennedy Center in May/June of 2017.

I Killed the Cow

I Killed the Cow is a one-woman show that tours the country to inspire discourse and reflection, further understanding in the realm of assault, and ultimately change organizational culture. Through the use of humor and physical storytelling we help open up the conversation about sex in a way that is more digestible. We stimulate organizations to recognize their community, and move beyond beliefs rooted in traditional power structures. This increases engagement and allows for more inclusivity, leading to higher profit margins and a more advantageous learning environment. 

1 F

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