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Cleaner on the Other Side


Jade wanted to be president. Tanya wants to stay drunk. It's the night of the election and Tanya's step-dad is in the race. But Jade and Tanya are running their own race in the other direction. Because believing in yourself isn't always easy. Especially when you're running against yourself. 1 F / 1 M

Lost. Shared. Taken.

Lost. Shared. Taken. asks the question: did we really lose our virginity, or was it shared? Or rather taken? After one night of caring for her drunk friend, we see the woman recall the night she was sexually assaulted. She confronts the man in an imaginary phone call, she confronts her mom in desperation, and she gets one step closer to sexual fulfillment. 1 F

The Ladder


I don't see color. Or so they say. The Ladder follows two women in a world where color has never been taught. Privilege has to be learned through virtual realities, where participants are given scenarios that change due to their race. In the end, we may not be as different as we think. 2 F

Michelle Eats a Taco

Michelle has run away in search of something more. Little does she know that what she was looking for could be found in a Taco Bell in the middle of nowhere. The 1% and the 99% collide in this play about the loneliness at the top, and the boredom at the bottom. 2 F

My Mom Lives in the Attic

Nina, the quintessential nasty woman, comes home to find Brody, the quintessential lazy woman, breaking into her house. My Mom Lives in the Attic begs the question of what extent one will go to for those we love. If Brody's mom were sick, would that justify her actions? 2 F

Jelly and Ice Cream

Jelly and ice cream when Thatcher dies.
Jelly and ice cream when Thatcher dies.
We’re having a party when Thatcher dies. 
Jelly and ice cream when Thatcher dies.

Inspired by this song, sung at Scottish soccer games when the Rangers play Celtic, Jelly and Ice Cream dissects the role of nature versus nurture in learned violence. If your father were to teach you this song at a young age, would you even have a chance? 2 M

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