DIVORCING BUGBEAR is an hourlong dramedy with double protagonists on separate quests with a dark and cozy tone with a hint of I-should-not-be-laughing-at-this.


As Earth’s magnetic field begins to flip at the end of the 21st century, Arlo, a listless oxygen hoarder who dreams of notoriety, goes head to head with Bugbear, her chip-on-her-shoulder Criatura, a parallel version of Arlo who lives in the Underside World while Arlo lives Topside.

Pilot currently in development. Contact larissamarten@gmail.com for deck or script perusal.


Ray Harryhausen Stop Motion.jpg

Ray Harryhausen

BITE THE DUST is a three-hour dark comedy about women in business.

Set in the suburbs of Connecticut, the story explores the unassuming nature of big business outside of city centers and the suburban standards for femininity. 


Told in five parts, BITE THE DUST seeks to merge the gap between recorded and live performance. The story begins with four recorded installments and culminates with one live installment. By bridging this gap, BITE THE DUST seeks to bring the story’s characters into reality, demystifying them as figments, and allowing them to breathe as humans.


We follow Laura, the chief analyst at Witco, a war game creation company for pharmaceutical titans like Rotrec. Tackling the urgent issue of gender expression, BITE THE DUST seeks to bring secrets to light, giving the characters, and the audience, the freedom to express their gender as they see fit.

Pilot currently in development. Contact larissamarten@gmail.com for deck or script perusal.