December 2020 - Began working on a new, devised collection of short films with Herd.

November 2020 - Got new headshots done with The Ginger Beard Men. Check 'em out!

November 2020 - Attended the virtual screening of Love Happens

October 2020 - Signed with Take 3 Talent for Theatrical Representation, focusing on TV/Film.

August 2020 - Performed with New Phase Collective in The Underbrush, "a patchwork of video, audio, and live performance, asking how we protect and preserve our environments."

July 2020 - Held a virtual reading of a new TV pilot of mine called Bite the Dust.


June 2020 - Black Lives Matter.


June 2020 - COVID-19 has forced the entertainment industry to socially distance, which has made it even more important to continue building relationships virtually. Taking class with John Andrews, Lisa Donadio, and Bernadette McBrinn.

May 2020 - Working on those self-tape muscles. Participating in Audrey Moore's Self-Tape May challenge. Follow along on Instagram!

April 2020 - Continued taking class amidst the COVID-19 pandemic with Brette Goldstein, Nick Peciaro, and Derek Hersey.


March 2020 - Premiered a new play of mine at the Dramatists Guild called Happy Hollow.

February 2020 - Started previews for Herd's production of Trout Stanley.


January 2020 - Closed the world premiere of Dressing up for Civil Rights by Pope.L at the MoMA.


November 2019 - Attended the NYC premiere of On the Line at the Big Apple Film Festival.


November 2019 - Performed in the world premiere of Dressing up for Civil Rights by Pope.L at the MoMA.

November 2019 - Performing I Killed the Cow at the First Person Arts Festival in Philadelphia.


October 2019 - Started rehearsing with Pope.L for performances of Dressing up for Civil Rights. Happening at the MoMA November 2019-January 2020.


October 2019 - Continued studying stage and screen combat with Jared Kirby.

September 2019 - Returned to Larry Moss to continue his scene study class.

September 2019 - Got new headshots done with Bronson Farr.

September 2019 - Continued studying Linklater technique with Andrea Haring.

August 2019 - Performed at UCB Hell's Kitchen for the Improv 301 graduation show.

August 2019 - Took class with Megan Rafferty.

August 2019 - Recorded an episode with Women Crush Weekly - and it just aired! A podcast that crushes on women who are crushing it.

July 2019 - Took class with Bernadette McBrinn and Joey Montenarello.

July 2019 - Attended the premiere of On the Line. Watch the full episodes here!

July 2019 - Returned to UCB to continue improv training with Sean Casey in Improv 301.

June 2019 - Took class with Lisa Kitay and Kim Krakauer to continue studying on-camera.


May 2019 - Recorded a new audiobook for a client. Listen in here!


May 2019 - Filmed medical and procedural new reel material, all available on YouTube.

April 2019 - I Killed the Cow performed in Boulder, Colorado as part of the Safe Shelter of St. Vrain Valley's annual symposium.

April 2019 - I Killed the Cow received a reading at the Heal Me Too Festival.


March 2019 - Boeing-Boeing received rave reviews. Read on by clicking here!

February 2019 - Opened Boeing-Boeing at the Majestic Theatre, playing Gretchen.

February 2019 - Joined Actor's Equity Association!

February 2019 - Began rehearsals for Boeing-Boeing at the Majestic Theatre in Springfield, MA.

February 2019 - I Killed the Cow teamed up with the Dramatists Guild to offer a free performance of the show in New York.

January 2019 - I Killed the Cow performed at the Sarasolo Festival in Sarasota, Florida. 


December 2018 - Continued to study with UCB, completing UCB 201.

November 2018 - Finished filming On the Line, an upcoming web-series comedy about telemarketers.

November 2018 - Started studying at UCB, completing UCB 101.

October 2018 - Workshopped The Two-Charater Play by Tennessee Williams with Larry Moss.

October 2018 - Recorded an episode of Noodlin' with Josh, a new podcast by Joshua Weaver about the entertainment industry. Available here!

October 2018 - Filming began for Love Happens, a new feature length film shot in Michigan about what happens when love doesn't happen like a fairytale.

September 2018 - I Killed the Cow will be performing at the Scranton Fringe Festival in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

August 2018 - Interviewed by Chicago's WGN Radio about I Killed the Cow. Interview available here!

August 2018 - I Killed the Cow will be performing at the Chicago Fringe Festival in Chicago, Illinois.

August 2018 - Interviewed by KGNU Radio in Boulder, Colorado about I Killed the Cow. Interview available here!

August 2018 - I Killed the Cow will be performing at the International Boulder Fringe Festival in Boulder, Colorado.

August 2018 - I Killed the Cow will be performing at the Minnesota Fringe Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

July 2018 - Filming began for Apocalypta, a new film being shot in Boston about the end of the world. In it, Larissa will be playing the muscle of the group, helping everyone to survive.

June 2018 - New headshots with Deborah Lopez! Check out the headshots tab to see how they turned out.

June 2018 - On the Line, an upcoming comedy about telemarketers, began filming.

May 2018 - Became published with the Texas Theatre Journal.

May 2018 - Was featured on the New Play Exchange.

May 2018 - World premiere at The Signature Theatre! In collaboration with Columbia University's MFA Playwriting Program, Larissa will be performing in Kill Hamlet at The Signature Theatre.

April 2018 - Taking another on-camera intensive workshop with James Calleri.

April 2018 - Rehearsals have begun for Kill Hamlet, a new play by Nako Adodoadji, directed by Carl Hancock Rux. 

April 2018 - Began taking classes with Jennifer Konawal and Bess Fifer for on-camera work.

March 2018 - Began pre-production work for On the Line, a new web-series. On the Line is an upcoming comedy about telemarketers, Larissa will be playing the boss of the telemarketing company who hates her job just as much as you think she does.

March 2018 - Began taking classes with Roger Becker at his Voiceover Syndicate for commercial voiceover work.

February 2018 - I Killed the Cow travelled to Sarasota, FL to perform for an invited audience on campus at the Asolo Repertory Theatre. 

February 2018 - Began taking classes with James Calleri and Judy Bowman for on-camera work.

January 2018 - Began touring I Killed the Cow, a one-woman show using humor to discuss sexual assault, to businesses and educational institutions. 

January 2018 - All or Nothin' began playing at independent theaters across the US. All or Nothin' is an independent feature film about the underground railroad, Larissa plays the daughter of an egregious slave owner.

January 2018 - Larissa closed Queens Shakespeare's production of Henry VI Parts 1, 2 & 3. Performing for 2 weeks in repertory as Talbot in Henry VI Part 1 and Young Clifford in Henry VI Parts 2 & 3.

December 2018 - Launched Check it out for videos and more information about how to bring I Killed the Cow to you!

December 2018 - Began taking classes with Brette Goldstein and Julie Tucker for on-camera work.

November 2017 - Teamed up with the Great Plains Theatre Conference to choose the finalists to have their plays workshopped at the conference.

October 2017 - Partnered with the Texas Theatre Journal to review the NY production of Yokai: A Remedy for Despair.

October 2017 - Began freelancing with Ingber & Associates for Commercial and Voiceover Work.

September 2017 - Rehearsals have begun for Queens Shakespeare's production of Henry VI Parts 1, 2 & 3. Performing in January at the Medicine Show Theatre.

August 2017 - Assisted in dramaturgy at the Kennedy Center's MFA Playwright's Workshop. A collaboration between the Kennedy Center and NNPN, the event brought together some of the brightest minds in theatre, workshopping full-lengths from recent MFA grads.


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