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April 2021

Performed in Haley Nelson's new play at Urbanite Theatre's Modern Works Festival, directed by Lavina Jadhwani. 

March 2021

Began filming Divorcing Bugbear, Larissa's new TV short.

January 2021

Workshopped the script for Divorcing Bugbear, a TV short by Larissa.

November 2020

Attended the premiere of Love Happens, a feature film about love, where Larissa plays the anti-love villain.

October 2020

Signed with Take 3 Talent for Theatrical Representation, focusing on TV/Film.

August 2020

Performed with New Phase Collective in The Underbrush, "a patchwork of video, audio, and live performance, asking how we protect and preserve our environments."

July 2020

Held a virtual reading of a new TV pilot of Larissa's called Bite the Dust.

May 2020

Participated in Audrey Moore's Self-Tape May challenge. Follow along on Instagram!

March 2020

Premiered a new play of Larissa's at the Dramatists Guild called Happy Hollow.

February 2020

Started previews for Herd's production of Trout Stanley.


January 2020

Closed the world premiere of Dressing up for Civil Rights by Pope.L at the MoMA.


December 2019

Attended the NYC premiere of On the Line at the Big Apple Film Festival.


November 2019

Premiered Dressing up for Civil Rights by Pope.L at the MoMA.

October 2019

Performed I Killed the Cow, a one-woman show written by Larissa, at the First Person Arts Festival in Philadelphia.


September 2019

Started rehearsing with Pope.L for performances of Dressing up for Civil Rights. Premiering at the MoMA November 2019-January 2020.

August 2019

Recorded an episode with Women Crush Weekly - a podcast that crushes on women who are crushing it.

July 2019

Attended the premiere of On the Line. Watch the full episodes here.

May 2019

Recorded a new audiobook for a client. Listen in here.

April 2019 

Performed I Killed the Cow in Boulder, Colorado as part of the Safe Shelter of St. Vrain Valley's annual symposium.

April 2019

I Killed the Cow received a reading at the Heal Me Too Festival.


March 2019

Boeing-Boeing received rave reviews. Read on here.

February 2019

Opened Boeing-Boeing at the Majestic Theatre, playing Gretchen.

February 2019

Began rehearsals for Boeing-Boeing at the Majestic Theatre in Springfield, MA.

February 2019

Performed I Killed the Cow at the Dramatists Guild in New York.

January 2019

Performed I Killed the Cow at the Sarasolo Festival in Sarasota, Florida. 

November 2018

Finished filming On the Line, an upcoming web-series comedy about telemarketers.

October 2018

Recorded an episode of Noodlin' with Josh, a new podcast by Joshua Weaver about the entertainment industry. Available here.

October 2018

Wrapped filming for Love Happens, a new feature length film shot in Michigan about what happens when love doesn't happen like a fairytale.

September 2018

Performed I Killed the Cow at the Scranton Fringe Festival in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

August 2018

Interviewed by Chicago's WGN Radio about I Killed the Cow. Interview available here!

August 2018

Performed I Killed the Cow at the Chicago Fringe Festival in Chicago, Illinois.

August 2018

Interviewed by KGNU Radio in Boulder, Colorado about I Killed the Cow. Interview available here!

August 2018

Performed I Killed the Cow at the International Boulder Fringe Festival in Boulder, Colorado.

August 2018

Performed I Killed the Cow at the Minnesota Fringe Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

July 2018

Wrapped filming for Apocalypta, a new film set in Boston about the end of the world. In it, Larissa plays the muscle of the group, helping everyone to survive.

June 2018

Began filming On the Line, an upcoming comedy about telemarketers. Larissa plays the boss of the telemarketing company who hates her job just as much as you think she does.

May 2018

Became published in the Texas Theatre Journal.

May 2018

Was featured on the New Play Exchange.

May 2018

Premiered Kill Hamlet at The Signature Theatre.

April 2018

Began rehearsals for Kill Hamlet, a new play by Nako Adodoadji, directed by Carl Hancock Rux. 

February 2018

Performed I Killed the Cow in Sarasota, FL for an invited audience on campus at the Asolo Repertory Theatre. 

January 2018

All or Nothin' began playing at independent theaters across the US. All or Nothin' is an independent feature film about the underground railroad, Larissa plays the daughter of an egregious slave owner.

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